What is a Healthcare Recruiter? How to be a Healthcare Recruiter?

Hospitals are organizations that employ a large number of medical professionals. They rely on healthcare recruiters who find and hire skilled and experienced professionals like doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff. But what is a healthcare recruiter? And how to become a healthcare recruiter? If you have these questions, this blog will help you find that.

This blog will examine how to become a healthcare recruiter and what a healthcare recruiter does. We will also examine whether healthcare recruiting is a good career and the healthcare recruiter’s salary. But let’s first find out what a healthcare recruiter is.

What is a Healthcare Recruiter?

A healthcare recruiter is a human resource professional responsible for finding, recruiting, and hiring medical staff at the healthcare facility. Healthcare recruiters have the expertise, knowledge, and skills to find the right and qualified medical candidates.

Healthcare recruiters assess the candidate’s resume, shortlist the right one, and proceed with the next recruitment procedure by taking the necessary steps. They must have in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry, the roles they are hiring for, and the value and mission of the organization they present.

To become a medical recruiter, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources or other related fields. Employers often prefer a master’s degree in Health Care Administration and other relevant certifications to hire candidates. They also must have a good command of communication and interpersonal skills.

What Does a Healthcare Recruiter Do? (Health care recruiter job description)

Healthcare recruiters work with medical institutions to find and hire the best working professionals. They are involved in the recruitment and hiring process. Healthcare recruiting agencies like UHC Staffing are important in attracting and retaining qualified medical professionals. These are the tasks that healthcare recruiters do:

Sourcing Candidates

The responsibility of the healthcare recruiter begins with sourcing candidates for open positions. This process involves making job postings, reviewing applications, and connecting with potential candidates. To perform this role, healthcare recruiters must understand the healthcare institution and the role they are hiring for.

Reviewing Resume

After the potential candidates are identified, the healthcare recruiter reviews the resume of the candidates to assess their qualifications, skills, and experience. In this process, they interview them to understand if the candidate is right and competent for the position. To do this, they must possess communication skills to connect better with the candidates.

Interviewing the Candidate

After screening the candidates, the healthcare recruiter schedules an in-person interview of the candidate with hiring managers. With the hiring manager, healthcare recruiters evaluate whether the candidate fits the position and the organization.

Negotiating Job Offer

The healthcare recruiter must be a skilled negotiator. He must recommend the best and most competitive salary and additional benefits packages to the candidate. They must understand the current job market to stay competitive and attract candidates. They work with the hiring managers to offer a salary meeting the candidate’s expectations.


The healthcare recruiters also ensure the candidate’s seamless on-boarding process. The process involves checking the candidate’s background and verifying their credentials.

Building Relationships

A healthcare recruiter’s most important task is building relationships with the candidate. They must build credibility and trust with the candidates and the organization they are working for to ensure a smooth process.

How To Become a Healthcare Recruiter?

People who want to become a healthcare recruiter face questions like ‘‘how to be a good healthcare recruiter’’ or ‘‘how to get into healthcare recruiting’’. To become a healthcare recruiter, you must have a degree, experience, certifications, and other relevant skills. Here’s how to become a successful healthcare recruiter:

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

A Bachelor’s degree in human resources, healthcare administration, business administration, or economics is a must to become a medical recruiter. These programs are usually for four years. If, with a bachelor’s degree, you’re skilled in marketing, employment law, compensation policies, occupational health, psychology, employee development, human resource management, operation management, or public speaking, it will work as a bonus for you.

Recruiters highly value individuals who have completed a master’s degree in health administration, as it equips them with essential knowledge about the healthcare industry.

By taking courses related to healthcare operations, human resources, and organizational behavior, individuals can gain a comprehensive understanding of how healthcare institutions function and how to manage their staffing requirements effectively. Such courses also cover important information about medical role credentialing, which is crucial for recruiters to know.

Gain Experience

A minimum experience of one to four years in healthcare or human resource is preferred by employers when recruiting a healthcare recruiter. After completing your graduation, you may work at an entry level in the fields like human resources, marketing, or staffing. You may also apply for an internship in the industry that can help you decide if you want to make a career in the field and gain practical exposure.

Employers also prefer candidates with work experience in recruiting software and computer programs that healthcare organizations use. You may learn this by opting for an online course or by yourself. Make sure to master the skills necessary for the job to let your resume stand out.

Get Certified

Though having certifications are not very important, certain certifications show your commitment to the job and the additional knowledge and skills you possess. Getting certified also adds to your resume. It also demonstrates your expertise in the recruitment field.

Certifications like Certified Healthcare Recruiter, Certified Physician Recruitment Professional, Certified Personnel Consultant, and Certified Employee Retention Specialist can help you get recruitment in a better healthcare facility with high pay.

Is Healthcare Recruiting a Good Career?

Since the healthcare industry continues to rise, healthcare recruiting is a lucrative career choice. There is a high demand for healthcare recruiters who can find competent medical professionals; thus, these careers are well-paid. Here’s why healthcare recruiting is a good career for you:

Potential to Grow

After the pandemic, it is evident that healthcare is not one of those industries that can get affected by the recession. Healthcare is still booming and will continue to grow exponentially. As a result, many new healthcare roles that have gained importance have been introduced.

The evolution of healthcare continues, leading to many new career roles for healthcare professionals. Since healthcare recruiters play a crucial role in a healthcare facility, this gives them the potential to grow in their careers.

Profitable Choice

Healthcare recruiting is a profitable career option for those who want to make a future in this industry. As the demand for this role is very high, employers pay a competitive salary to attract and retain them. The average salary of a healthcare recruiter on an average can be USD 40,000 in a corporate setting.

Experienced healthcare recruiters can earn even more with bonuses while working for the best agency. Additionally, they are also paid certain perks and incentives by employers. You can also work with a healthcare staffing agency like UHC Staffing with the best available resources.

An Exciting Job

Healthcare recruiting is a thrilling job and is best for those searching for something new daily. The excitement of hiring someone and assisting healthcare professionals in the recruitment process is a job that will never tire you.

Build Strong Relationships

As a medical recruiter, you get an opportunity to build a network with many diverse working professionals. You hire the best and most potential candidates and help them understand the organization’s mission, culture, and work environment.

Contribution to Society

The professionals you hire save the patient’s life, and this helps you contribute to society in one way. You also help people find their dream jobs and change their careers. By connecting healthcare professionals with a new job opportunity, you can contribute to the greater good.

Healthcare Recruiter Salary

The average salary of a healthcare recruiter is USD 53,507. Their salary usually ranges between USD 40,000 to USD 70,000 a year. While the entry-level salary for a healthcare recruiter is USD 40,000, those with experience may get somewhere around USD 70,000. They earn USD 25.68 per hour.

Here are a few factors that can affect the healthcare recruiter’s salary:

Geographic Location

Geographic location plays a significant role in the salary of a healthcare recruiter. Healthcare recruiters in Massachusetts, Washington, Virginia, Rhode Island, and Alaska can earn better pay than that others. The difference in the salary is because of the variation in these cities’ cost of living index.

Years of Experience

More years of experience as a medical recruiter increases your chances of getting better pay. Entry-level professionals are often paid less than experienced ones. The reason is that the experienced professionals know the industry better and are proficient in their work. Experienced healthcare recruiters may also get the opportunity to work in management positions that can lead to better and higher salaries.

Type of Organization

The type of organization, a healthcare recruiter works for also impacts his salary. Healthcare agencies may pay better salaries to recruiters to attract and retain them, while a smaller healthcare facility may pay lower salaries to them due to budget constraints.

Bonus and Benefits

With a salary, healthcare organizations also pay bonuses and benefits to the healthcare recruiter. These bonuses may include healthcare benefits like vision, medical and dental insurance, bonus, and commission-based compensation.


Healthcare recruiting can be a fulfilling career for those passionate about making a change in the healthcare industry and helping the healthcare facility attract and retain the best talent. Though the salary of the healthcare recruiter may vary depending on many factors, their demand is expected to rise in the future. It is the best career choice for people who want to create a difference in the healthcare industry.


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