Top Travel Nursing Destinations in the United States: Explore Exciting Opportunities

Are you looking for top travel nursing destinations in the United States? Do you want to explore some of the best and most exciting opportunities and deliver healthcare services in the top US places? Since the United States is the home to many exciting places to explore and pursue your passion for healthcare, you must pack your bags and get ready to unlock a world full of travel nursing adventures!

In this blog, we will explore the top travel nursing destinations in the United States to explore the best of the exciting opportunities. We will also look at what nursing experience you must anticipate when working in such destinations, so let’s dive deeper!


Known as the Golden State, California is among the best states to work as a nurse. It has diverse landscapes, top healthcare institutions, and a vibrant culture, making it the best state to travel for nurses seeking professional growth and adventure. California is the home to many world-class hospitals and institutions like Medical Center in San Francisco, Standard Health Care in Palo Alto, Vedas-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and UC San Francisco Medical Centre in San Francisco.

To become a travel nurse in California, you must acquire the required license and certifications like Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support and Essentials Life Support. It will help if you take the Relevant Clinical Competency Exams. Furthermore, you must have at least one year of experience since having experience increases your chances of getting hired. However, the experience requirement differs depending on the unit’s specialties, facility, and other relevant factors.

A travel nurse in California may earn from USD 1,360 to USD 4,200 per week on average. Though, it must not be overlooked that the salary or wage depends on the cost of living index and several other related factors. The top benefits a travel nurse in California enjoys are social security, pension, and healthcare. If you are looking for the best healthcare job with exceptional pay, UHC Staffing will help you.


Boston is the best travel nursing destination for those seeking an intellectual atmosphere and for history enthusiasts. The city is known for its top medical facilities like Brigham and Women’s Hospitals and Massachusetts General Hospital, which offer access to sophisticated medical technologies and cutting-edge research initiatives. Boston has a rich historical heritage like Freedom Trail and Harvard University, packed with unique cultural experiences.

To become a travel nurse in Boston, you must have the minimum education requirements. While some nursing positions in Boston require a bachelor’s degree, others require a master’s degree. A position like Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Certified Nurse Midwife, Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Nurse Practitioner requires a master’s degree, while Registered Nurse and Licensed Practical Nurse do not. You must also pass the NCLEX-RN to get a license and maintain and renew it timely.

The average salary of a travel nurse in Boston is USD 2,266 per week and USD 123,875 annually. Travel nurses enjoy competitive salaries and various incentives and perks, including housing stipends, healthcare insurance, retirement plans, and dental coverage. With that, you experience unparalleled career growth opportunities because Boston is the hub for education, medical research, and innovation.

New York City

Referred to as the ‘Big Apple,’ New York City is a culturally rich travel nurse destination that attracts nurses from across the globe. The city is known for sophisticatedly equipped medical facilities like Mount Sinai Hospital and New York Presbyterian Hospital that offer extraordinary learning opportunities for healthcare professionals. With professional development, New York City has some of the best iconic landmarks that nurses can explore, like Time Square and the Statue of Liberty.

To become a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse in New York City, you must have completed a nursing program and provide proof of your professional education certifications. You must also acquire the license to start practicing your profession. The high-demand specialties in this city include the operating room, pediatrics unit, labor delivery, step-down unit, emergency room, post-anesthesia care unit, and intensive care unit.

The average salary of a travel nurse in New York City is USD 5,722 monthly and USD 1,17,672 annually. Being a travel nurse in this destination, you may get benefits like flexible scheduling, free private housing, great pay, license and travel recruitment, dental and health insurance, and most importantly, great pay.


Seattle is nestled in Pacific Northwest and uniquely combines urban charm and natural beauty. The city is known for its renowned medical healthcare centers like the Swedish Medical Centre and University of Washington Medical Centre, which offers an opportunity for a travel nurse to expand their learning horizon and expertise. Furthermore, Seattle’s iconic landmarks like the Museum of Pop Culture, Pike Place Market, and Space Needle offer various recreational activities.

To become a travel nurse in Seattle, you must complete the relevant online application and request your license verification. The CEU requirements include at least eight continuing education hours with 96 hours of active use practicing annually. Seattle’s most in-demand travel nursing specialty includes cardiac care, labor and delivery, emergency room, geriatrics, operating room, and telemetry.

A travel nurse may earn USD 9,119 monthly and USD 128,793 annually in Seattle. Their benefits may include continuing education credits, employee discounts, employee assistance programs, health insurance, license reimbursement, loan forgiveness, referral program, vision insurance, and many more.

San Francisco

In Northern California, San Francisco is a quaint city renowned for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge, diverse neighborhood, and cable cars. It is a hub for ingenious healthcare facilities like Sanford Health Centre and UCSF Medical Centre, which provide exceptional learning opportunities for travel nurses in various specialties. Furthermore, the nurses can explore the eminent neighborhood of Mission District and Chinatown.

The license required to become a travel nurse in San Francisco is the same as that of California, i.e., to become an RN or LPN in this destination, you must hold an active RN license, pursue the nursing program, and pass the NCLEX. The CEU requirement includes 30 hours of continuing education courses to maintain an active license.

The average salary of a travel nurse in San Francisco might be USD 11,158 monthly and USD 157,593 annually. The best-paid skill for a travel nurse in this nursing destination is recruiting, while the best specialty is labor and delivery. Travel nurses’ top benefits are 401 (k), flexible spending account, housing stipend, mileage reimbursement, and paid sick time.


Florida is one of the enticing options for the top travel nursing destinations in the US. It offers a unique experience for its travel nurses with its thriving healthcare industry, vibrant cities, and stunning beaches. Florida offers a competitive travel nurse salary, making it a compelling destination for nurses seeking exciting career advancement opportunities.

To become a travel nurse in Florida, you must hold an active license and have passed the State Board Test Pool Examination. Though travel nurses already possess RN licenses, you can apply for Licensure for Examination in Florida if you don’t have one.

Being a travel nurse in Florida, you may earn USD 7,817 on average monthly and USD 110,405 annually. The salary of a travel nurse may vary depending on various cities in Florida. You may earn USD 130,279 yearly in Tampa and USD 98,005 in Tallahassee. Travel nurses also enjoy fully furnished accommodation that alleviates their stress of finding adequate housing during the assignment.


Texas is one of the top choices for healthcare professionals as being the best travel nursing destination. It is the home to many world-class medical institutions like Texas Medical Centre in Houston, known for its sophisticated medical facilities. These facilities allow travel nurses to work with highly skilled medical professionals and gain invaluable experience.

To become a travel nurse in Texas, you must have a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. With that, you must have at least a year of experience working in your chosen specialty. Consider working on crisis assignments as these assignments help you to gain experience working in healthcare crises, and having such assignments increases the chances of higher compensation.

A travel nurse in Texas may earn up to USD 8,063 on average monthly and USD 113,886 annually. Though the salary ranges with the specialization, experience level, and location. Travel nurses also enjoy various perks that serve as the foundation for their careers. You can find the right healthcare job with UHC Staffing, which offers comprehensive healthcare staffing solutions.


Arizona is the best place to be a nurse with its flourishing industry, vibrant cities, and breathing desert landscapes. It is the hub of renowned healthcare institutions and medical facilities. It is known for its exceptional hospitals that enhance the professional growth of travel nurses. With its rising population, the demand for healthcare professionals continues to rise, which leads to higher salaries or wages for these nurses.

To become a travel nurse in Arizona, you must verify your original state license and complete the fingerprint card provided by the Arizona State Board of Nursing. Furthermore, you must also take the NCLEX exam. You must renew your license every four years; thus, you must have completed 960 hours in the past five hours.

A travel nurse in Arizona may earn USD 9,762 on average monthly and USD 137,884 annually. The salary differs in various cities in Arizona. In Sun City, you earn up to USD 157,379 yearly; in Chandler, the salary is USD 130,043 yearly. You may also enjoy the various common benefits offered to travel nurses.

North Carolina

North Carolina is one of the top travel nursing destinations in the US. With its top-ranked research institutions and prestigious medical centers, it offers exceptional travel experiences for travel nurses. University of North Carolina Medical Centre and Duke University Hospital allow travel nurses to work in diverse specialties and gain experience.

Travel nurses in North Carolina must apply for licensure by endorsement if they do not have any. For this, you must have proof of pursuing the nursing education, passing the NCLEX or SBTPE, and having an active license of another jurisdiction held for the past five years. The CEU requirements include 640 hours of practice in the previous two years.

The average salary of a travel nurse in North Carolina is USD 7,897 monthly and USD 111,542 yearly. Additionally, having a CRNA certification elevates the chances of a higher salary. This financial stability enables travel nurses to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while practicing their profession.


Regarding the top travel nursing destinations, Hawaii is the top choice for healthcare professionals. Hawaii has a revolutionizing healthcare industry and breathtaking natural beauty; it offers an unparalleled experience for travel nurses. It has exceptional medical institutions like Maui Memorial Medical Centre and Queen’s Medical Centre that enable travel nurses to contribute to the well-being of the travel nurses.

Nurses in Hawaii can apply for licensure by endorsement or by exams. You must provide your fingerprint for criminal background check and verification of your license. Furthermore, you must have pursued a US or foreign nursing program. Hawaii CEU requirements include completing 30 houses of activity every two years.

A travel nurse earns up to USD 9,206 on average monthly and USD 130,030 annually. Though in some cities of Hawaii, you may earn more than others. For instance, you may earn USD 152,631 in Lanai City while USD 124,221 in Kappa. With competitive salaries and the allure of paradise living, Hawaii is an irresistible choice for travel nurses.


The United States has many top travel nursing destinations, and each has its attraction and offers unique opportunities to learn and grow. These destinations offer lucrative salaries, comprehensive benefits, and opportunities for career advancement and outdoor exploration. If you want to embark on a travel nursing adventure, UHC Staffing, the pioneer in healthcare staffing, can help you find the right healthcare job. So pack your bags and prepare to explore these top travel nurse destinations in the United States!


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