Registered Nurse ICU

Registered Nurse ICU

Registered Nurse ICU

Location: Meriden, CT 06451


Shift: – 12 HR NOC SHIFT,  36hours WEEKLY

Number of Positions: 01

Pay/Salary:  UPTO $2400 WEEKLY GROSS


Brief Company Intro

United Health System is a well known provider for healthcare services within United States.
United Health System has always strived to be Customer-oriented, Compassionate, Candid and Compliant. We are committed for your success. You can count on us!

We believe in working as a team with persistent stress on excelled deliverance. Our underlined principle is that honest and sincere disposition pays off. In continuous quest to be the best for both our clients and our employees we work with simple strategies that produce best results


Role Description

We are seeking a dedicated and experienced Registered Nurse to join our ICU team. As an ICU Nurse with 1 to 2 years of experience, you will provide specialized care to critically ill patients, monitor their conditions, and collaborate with a multidisciplinary team to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

Registered Nurse ICU Responsibilities

  • Assessing and monitoring patients in the ICU, including vital signs, lab values, and changes in clinical status
  • Administering medications, treatments, and procedures as prescribed by physicians
  • Implementing and evaluating patient care plans and adjusting them as necessary
  • Assisting with specialized procedures, such as intubation, mechanical ventilation, and hemodynamic monitoring
  • Collaborating with physicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive patient care
  • Educating patients and their families about their conditions, treatments, and self-care techniques
  • Responding to emergencies and providing immediate interventions as required
  • Documenting patient care accurately and maintaining up-to-date medical records
  • Adhering to infection control protocols and ensuring a safe environment for patients and staff
  • Participating in quality improvement initiatives and staying current with evidence-based practices



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UHC - 56537

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