Registered Dental Assistant

Registered Dental Assistant

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Contract: 17 Weeks

Position: Registered Dental Assistant

Shift: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: San Diego, CA

Position Summary  

Assists the Resident and/or Attending Dentist at chairside in the concept of six handed dentistry and prepares patients in a manner that will in still confidence in the staff and services of the Dental Division. Comfortable working with medically compromised and special needs children.

Basic Qualifications:

Education Required: High School Diploma or GED equivalent.

Certifications/Licenses: Current RDA License. Radiation Safety Certificate. Coronal Polish

Certificate. Current BLS Certificate, Current PEARS certificate.

Experience Required: At least 2 years in a pediatric dental office setting. At least 3 years as an RDA

Experience Preferred: At least 1 year of experience assisting with oral conscious sedation or IV sedation.

Verbal and Written Skills Required to perform the Job: Excellent communication skills. Dental terminology.

Technical Know Skills Required to Perform the Job: Six-handed dentistry, full-scope dentistry procedures and oral radiographic services. 6 months to 1-year experience assisting with and monitoring Oral Conscious Sedation appointments. At least 1-year of experience with advanced protective stabilization.

Equipment Used: PC, Fax, other equipment, dental laboratory equipment, X-ray machine, Amalgamator, Assistina, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Autoclave and other sterilization equipment.

Essential Functions of the Job:

1. Coordinates, prepares, and submits reports and written documentation including patient records,

as required by the department, company, state and federal agencies.

2. Performs a wide variety of patient care activities and assists chair side in the concept of six-handed dentistry including but not limited to impressions, operative procedures, applying non-aerosol and topical agents, assist in placing post-extraction dressing, assisting in the administration of nitrous oxide, applies fluoride treatments and gives oral hygiene instructions, assist in advanced behaviour management by means of physical restraint/protective stabilization, assist during oral conscious sedation, monitor/document vitals, assist during orthodontic procedures, assist during endodontic procedures on permanent teeth with immature roots, takes accurate radiographs of diagnostic quality, works with residents in a clinical/educational setting, and placing and removing of rubber dams.

3. Maintains a smooth, constant flow of patients from reception to operatories in a fast-paced environment; is able to effectively coordinate with RDA Lead and/or Clinic Supervisor the activities of several operatories efficiently through proper utilization of time, resources, abilities and patient needs.

4. Review patient records for accuracy and completeness; explains treatment recommended by the dentist in a manner that is understandable and supportive. Reiterates post-operative instructions given by Residents and/or Attending Dentist.

5. Obtains necessary signatures required by all parties on required forms presented to patients. Reviews for accuracy before submitting.

6. Prepares equipment, instruments, material and operatories. Performs routine maintenance of equipment and restocking of materials.

7. Assists resident and/or attending pediatric dentist in life saving techniques in the event of a pediatric medical emergency (PEARS certification required) within the initial minutes of response until the child can be transferred to a Rady Children’s Hospital EMT team member.

8. Monitors oral conscious sedation cases as required and per AAPD and AHA guidelines (PEARS certification required).

9. Operates X-ray equipment including but not limited to panoramics, cephalometrics, and nomad to make complete and/or selective oral radiographic services. Develops film by automatic or manual processing methods, mounts and labels X-rays.

10. Ensures the established infection control techniques are administered in accordance with department policy to maintain a safe and pleasant environment.

Divya Singh Tanwar
Healthcare Recruiter Lead
E: [email protected]

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