Occupational Therapist-OT

Occupational Therapist-OT

Position: Occupational Therapist
Location: Fresno,California

8 to 13 Weeks Contract
35-36 hrs Guarantee
Candidates interested for Per Diems may also apply.
Pay- Up to $2500 Weekly Gross for 40 hrs


Occupational Therapist Responsibilities:

  • Conducting physical and psychological assessments of clients and developing or following a treatment plan.
  • Assessing home and work environments of clients and deciding what adjustments are needed.
  • Advising on adaptive equipment to help clients with daily activities.
  • Developing physical rehabilitation programs to help clients regain lost skills.
  • Preparing clients for a return to work.
  • Educating caregivers and family members of clients on patient care.
  • Complying with federal, state, and local certification requirements.

Occupational Therapist Requirements:

  • A bachelor's degree in occupational therapy from a university certified by the ACOTE (Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education) or AOTA (American -Occupational Therapy Association).
  • Certified by the National Board for Certification.
  • Compliant with state healthcare regulatory requirements.
  • Possess up-to-date knowledge of treatment practices and physical therapy programs.
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills.
  • Ability to take care of clients with different personalities.
  • Comfortable using a computer for various tasks.
  • Ability to assess patient conditions and work with treatment plans.

Benefits – Medical, Dental, VSP (as per company policy)

Sucharita (Suchi)
Healthcare Recruiting Manager
[email protected]




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