EVS – Technician

EVS – Technician

Job Position: EVS – Technician

Location: Asheville, NC

Duration: 4 Months Contract

Shift: 08:00 AM – 05:00 PM M-F

Position Summary:

  • Performs duties correctly by following hospital policies and procedures.
  • Supports department by following department policies and procedures.
  • Enhances hospital by contributing to the overall quality of services.
  • Ensures personal performance by staying informed about changes in policies and procedures.
  • Preserves hospital resources by maintaining building interiors.
  • Promotes cleanliness by dusting and sanitizing furniture, equipment, mirrors and fixtures.
  • Cleans interiors by washing windows, walls, ceilings, vents and light fixtures.
  • Presents a clean environment by sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, stripping and refinishing floors.
  • Maintains cleanliness by vacuuming, spotting and shampooing carpets.
  • Improves office environment by changing cubicle curtains and drapes.
  • Meets visitor, patient and staff needs by re-supplying and stocking restroom paper supplies.
  • Preserves resources by reporting repair needs.
  • Enhances hospital atmosphere by appropriately and efficiently removing waste.
  • Presents a clean environment by emptying and sanitizing waste containers.
  • Oversees disposal process by transporting solid waste to compactors.
  • Promotes recycling by correctly transporting and disposing of cardboard.
  • Supports environmental consciousness by recycling material.
  • Enhances hospital image by cleaning/emptying cigarette receptacles in smoking areas.
  • Maintains equipment functionality by monitoring and cleaning equipment as needed.
  • Uses equipment correctly by following operational instructions.
  • Preserves resources by cleaning equipment after each use.
  • Supports department by notifying supervisor and equipment technician about needed repairs.
  • Protects patients, visitors, staff and building by inspecting and verifying safety of equipment.
  • Assists department and hospital by providing quality services.
  • Maintains accurate records by documenting cleaning actions.
  • Takes initiative by noting and reporting areas requiring additional care or monitoring.
  • Demonstrates responsibility by informing supervisor of incomplete work.
  • Promotes department function by communicating between shifts.
  • Ensures acceptable personal job performance by meeting department standards.
  • Protects hospital and department financial resources by ensuring cost containment.
  • Prevents waste by using supplies and chemicals correctly.
  • Manages resources by mixing and diluting chemicals correctly.
  • Preserves resources by maintaining equipment.
  • Develops personal skills by learning and maintaining technical knowledge.
  • Enhances personal development by attending schedu
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UHC - 56555

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