*CNA* – Certified Nursing Assistant

*CNA* – Certified Nursing Assistant

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United Health System is a well known provider for healthcare services within United States. United Health System has always strived to be Customer-orientedCompassionateCandid and Compliant. We are committed for your success. You can count on us! We believe in working as a team with persistent stress on excelled deliverance. Our underlined principle is that honest and sincere disposition pays off. In continuous quest to be the best for both our clients and our employees we work with simple strategies that produce best results.
    • The Medical Surgical unit specializes in the care of acutely ill adults and of those who require surgery both emergent and elective. Medical Surgical patients are given the highest standards of professional care by registered nurses and nurse assistants. Specialty certification in Medical Surgical Nursing is strongly encouraged and supported.
    • Current unencumbered Oregon CNA Level 2 certification required upon submission. 
    • Healthcare Provider Level AHA BLS required upon submission.
    • One (1) year experience in a hospital or long-term care facility preferred.
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UHC - 57096

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