*CNA* – Certified Nursing Assistant

*CNA* – Certified Nursing Assistant


            A. Delivery of nursing care which has been delegated by a Licensee. If the           delivery of care is preformed without the benefit of instructions or         supervision by             a Licensee, such care may be viewed as constituting the practice of nursing      without a license.


Pay range: 

$35,000.00 to $39,000.00

sign on bonus: $1000



            Care of the resident in the nursing facility which includes all aspect of nursing services.

            B. PHYSICAL DEMANDS:

            Good mental and physical health. Finger and hand dexterity to handle equipment. Visual and aural acuity to detect changes in resident’s condition and physical agility to stand, bend, sit, walk, stoop and lift up to between 51 and 74 pounds

            C. SPECIAL DEMANDS:


            Realization there may be:

                        *exposure to communicable disease

                        * experience of muscle strains due to lifting or moving  residents or injury from irrational residents


            A. EDUCATION:     

              1. Certified Nursing Assistant currently registered with the South Dakota State Board of Nursing.

              2. High School education or equivalent is preferred.           


            B. TRAINING: 

              Must have attended or will attend a 75 hour Nursing Assistant Program  which is approved by the South Dakota Board of Nursing. 

            C. JOB KNOWLEDGE: 

              Knowledge of procedures and techniques involved in administering simple treatments and providing related bedside resident care services as a Certified Nursing Assistant.



            A. Demonstrates skills in completion of tasks that may include, but is not      limited to the following:

              1. Collects and reports vital signs, height, weights, intake and output.

              2. Assists residents with personal hygiene and elimination such as routine baths, uncomplicated mouth or skin care, normal shampoos, provision or removal of bed pans and urinals and emptying of foley catheter drainage bags or ostomy bags.

               3. Assists with ambulation, positioning, turning, activities of daily living or exercise programs.

              4. Provides and maintains a safe comfortable environment by identifying the need for repair, replacement or evaluation of faulty equipment. 

              5. Maintains the resident’s area and equipment by assisting with routine cleaning of equipment, storage areas and resident’s rooms.

              6. Performs non-invasive treatment of a routine nature that do not require simultaneous professional nursing judgment.

              7. Assists with selected nutritional activities such as feeding.

              8. Participates in socialization activities.

              9. Transports residents by wheelchair or cart.

B. Attends staff meetings and special in-services. Attends workshops approved by administration. When unable to attend, reads, signs and dates minutes of the meeting. Certified Nursing Assistant to attend 12 hours of in-service Education per year.

            C. Effectively uses appropriate communication principles with residents, families, and other health care professionals.

            D. Uses appropriate communication channels to identify and discuss resident or staff problems, issues or concerns.

            E. Knows and follows established procedures for infection control, safety, fire,and disaster evacuation plans, and had read these manuals in addition to the personnel policy manual.

            F. Rotates shifts as required by nursing service in order to provide the immediate availability of a nurse aide for nursing care for any resident when needed.

            G. Records daily personal working hours with allocations to proper departments.

            H. Is personally clean and neat

            I. Completes other tasks as assigned.


            A. Requires 12 hours of C.E.U per year.



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