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According to expected salary returns report in the US a Physiotherapist earns approximately from $ 61,637 and Psychotherapist from $56,627. Job outlook is extremely satisfactory with stress on experience level and professional skills
Therapy, abduction from the Latin word ‘Therapia’ usually refers to the remedial measures enacted upon, after clinical diagnosis of the problem that is persistently troubling the patient. The problem may be related to mental health issues or the patient may be subjected to some severe physical limitations resulting out of an injury or traumatic accident. In simpler terms Therapy refers to the process of meeting a medical professional to resolve problems causing concern which may be behavioral or physical.
By making use of an interpersonal relationship with the patient therapy helps them to self-evaluate and understand their problems and provides solution to them that can be adopted by the patients to make healthy changes in the frameset of their mind or in their work place.
Therapists are medical professionals who are specialists in their field of deliverance available in various niches with the most common being- physiotherapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy.

: Therapy under which impaired body parts are remediated in terms of mobility and functionality through exercising regime or any other form of physical intervention is referred to as physiotherapy. It is a prerequisite for rehabilitation after a patient has sustained an injury or f aced a severe accident and has lost functionality of any body part.
: Therapy under which problems related to depressive attitudes, addiction related issues, post traumatic stress disorders or problems related to emotional health are collaboratively handled based on researched techniques to help patients to overcome their problems and live a happier, healthier and more productive life.
The patients or health institutions that are on the lookout for an able and efficient therapist evaluate the effervescence of the applicant on the following basis
How well are the skills and personality of the therapist matching with the environment?
Is the therapist licensed to practice in the US?
Does the therapist have a well balanced demeanor?
Is the type of therapy practiced in accordance with the patient?
Is the therapist well versed with the treatment model to be used and how many years has the therapist been practicing it.
Minimum qualifications that are required for an applicant to be recruited as a therapist are:
A bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy /Psychotherapy
Registered and licensed as a therapist
Prior experience and affluence in techniques