Privacy Policy

At United Health Care Staffing our entire team believes in keeping your data at the highest level of discretion. We acknowledge the fact that while sharing your information and data with us your primary concern is the security. We are committed towards securing your data and our privacy policy makes sure that your personal information is in safe hands. Please go through the following points which elaborate our privacy policy:

1. Personal Data Collection
It is understandable that while utilizing our services you would be required to provide personal information and the data you share with us is entitled to be kept private and confidential at all levels. To enable us to serve you more efficiently we will need following information from your end:
  • Social, economical and academic information
  • Data collected while filling registration and other forms
  • Correspondence emails and letters
  • Surveys(optional)
  • Financial data about transactions carried through our website
  • Internet browsing and traffic data pertaining to your visits to our website
2. Cookies
Internet browsers on your computers are designed to save small internet files called cookies. When you visit our website the cookies related to our websites will be stored on your computer which will further be used by use to recognize your visit. Cookies stored are also used to track traffic data, time spent and statistical data related to our website. Such information related to your browsing history is necessary for us to give you enhanced user experience and is also beneficial for innovations in our services. Please be assured that these cookies are not designed to read data from your computer hard disk.
3. Information Sharing
The only circumstance under which your personal data will be shared is requirement for a legal proceeding. To assist the law enforcement agencies with any particular court requirement the information provided by you might be shared to an extent which serves the legal purpose. However before disclosing any information the summons will be scrutinized by our legal experts giving you the assurance that your personal data is received by the concerned authority only. Under no conditions your personal data will be sold or to be used by a non government third part entity
4. Data Security
The data you provide through our website will be stored on our servers and we ensure that the data is protected by latest physical and cyber security features. We make sure that adequate data security measures are taken to secure your data from falling into unauthorized hands. The data security team at United Health Care staffing uses both online and offline server security protocols to enhance the data security within our servers. However the data transmitted through internet is subject to web data security issues and any unauthorized access of your data over the web is beyond our control.
5. User Rights
United Health Care system functions with the core belief of providing the best of services to our users. Every bit of information you share with us is governed by user rights which gives your unrestricted access to your data. Although we follow a policy wherein we seek your approval but as the owner of data you have the right to forbid us from using your personal information for any commercial or marketing purpose. Your user rights can be exercised at any point during the process of information provision. Our customer service team is always at your disposal to address any issues related to user complaints.