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According to recent study and Bureau of Labor Statistics, Home Health is becoming one of the major growing industries in the United States and home health aides are being approximately paid $ 10.28 per hour making their average salary fall somewhere between $ 17,040 to $ 29,560. With a further expected increase of more than 8% in the next four years the job outlook is extremely satisfactory.
As referred to in Medicare.gov (the official U.S. Government site for Medicare) ‘Home health care is a wide range of health care services that can be given in your home for an illness or injury.
Home health is also extended to expectant moms, patients who have survived a trauma or any other type of care for people who want to employ the services of professional staff at home.
Thus, in some cases ingenious services of a nurse or therapist may be required to take care of an elderly or a patient who has been struck by an illness or injury and in others only a companion for the elderly, who are going through loneliness in life, may be sought by their families.

Factors boosting Home Health
With increasing tribulations in life and younger generation out of their houses in pursuit of decent living and accumulating wealth to provide for their families, the elderly generation is often left alone to cope with self dependence and learn to take care of their needs. Many times they fail and it is at these crucial times that they need professional aide. A caregiver who is well adept at professional care on the health front as well as someone who has a good listening ear and could be a companion to the expecting.
Age brings resilience and fear in the elderly and they become too feeble mentally to stay at the hospital for their treatment. They want the security of their home and familiar surroundings to recuperate.
Working Hours Home Health Aides have an option to work half time, full time or also go in for live in options, depending on their preferences and work requirements. Most aides are required to work for more than 40 hours a week but since a patient needs 24 hour monitoring aides take options for working in the evenings, nights i.e. part time.
Professional Qualifications
There are lots of anxieties and pressures involved in the job but challenges need to be hurdled over to achieve success. Home healthcare staff has multiplied over the last decade yet there is critical shortage of qualified nurses and therapists to meet the demands of the required. Care givers should be inherent with:
  • Adequate experience
  • Compassion and humane attributes
  • Patient attitude
  • Good at communicative skills and
  • Passionate in their strive
  • They should have received training according to certain guidelines eligible for the job.
Academic qualifications
Academic qualifications for home aides are not very staunch except when it comes to being hired as a qualified nurse or therapist. A person may be appointed as an aide in home health sector without high school diploma or previous work experience.
But competency tests are required to be cleared before an applicant is hired. There are certain evaluative tests based on federal regulations that the candidates need to pass before they can work as aides.
The caregivers whether in their professional or companion role have to mould themselves aptly enough to become a kind of shadow to the person they have been employed for. They have to take care of almost all daily chores of the person they have been sought for such as
  • Attentively keeping watch over what the person has eaten,
  • Monitoring prescriptions, medications, blood pressure, temperature or breathing,
  • Taking care that the person is not suffering from anxiety
  • Checking the safety of the person
  • Act like an extended family
  • Maintaining the decorum of professional ethics
UHC is the ideal choice for the families and patients who are looking out for quality care-givers or professional aide as we have only the best that we select after complete evaluative strategy and we are the best door to for those that believe that they are quality caregivers.

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