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A straightforward and candid approach has led us to be one of the best in our field. We expend on our clients i.e. our co-partners. In easy working atmosphere we provide complete solutions related to healthcare staffing both for the patients who want the best in the field and for recruiters who want the best return from their placements.

Job Agencies for Healthcare

Your partner in delivering compassionate care

United Healthcare Staffing has established itself as a reliable healthcare provider dedicated to delivering patient-centric care and pioneering solutions across diverse sectors such as IT, hospitals, homes, schools, research centers, and beyond.

As a client-focused agency, our commitment to better healthcare has motivated us to consistently improve our internal controls and compliance goals, ensuring a reliable and high-performing recruitment framework. Our compassionate and dedicated team of experts has a proven track record of delivering best-in-class, end-to-end staffing solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology and industry-leading practices. Trust us as your reliable partner in delivering personalized, quality-oriented care – where innovation and compassion meet in healthcare staffing.

Staffing Agencies for Healthcare
Job Agencies for Health Care

What Motivates Us?

We have embraced and lived by four core values that have shaped our identity: customer orientation, compassion, transparency, and adherence to compliance. Our genuine care for the community fuels our continuous search for innovative, outcome-focused solutions to meet the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Belief in Commitments and Deliverance

We believe in working as a team with persistent stress on excelled deliverance. Our underlined principle is that honest and sincere disposition pays off. In continuous quest to be the best for both our clients and our employees we work with simple strategies that produce best results.

Sammy Sheth

Founder & CEO

Why Choose Us?

Our dynamic thinking sets us apart

We have been an innovative healthcare services provider and advisor for more than 20 years. Such a legacy is not easy to build, but with the help of our superbly talented team, it has always been easy to deliver result-driven ideas that are capable of solving any challenge our clients throw at us.
Integration of data technology and analytics has enabled us to proactively address the challenges faced by our clients and match them with the right healthcare providers resulting in improved patient care.

Total Solutions Hub

We provide a diverse array of services including job opportunities for nurses, allied healthcare professionals, physicians, and therapists, for contract, temporary, and permanent positions; strategy consulting and advisory services to help healthcare organizations improve patient care, reduce costs, and increase efficiency, and customer support services that ensure smooth functioning with no setbacks.

Comprehensive Know-how

With over two decades of experience, we know the pulse of the healthcare industry. We know exactly what our clients and candidates are looking for. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the services. We strive to maintain strong relationships with both our candidates and clients to ensure long-term success and satisfaction.

Agile Solutions

Our synergistic approach matches talented healthcare professionals with the best possible positions, providing a mutually beneficial experience for both parties. We understand that each organization has its own set of challenges and hence, we are equipped with a remarkably capable workforce who is adept at providing dynamic solutions.

We help advance your career

We recognize that healthcare is more than just a job, it is a calling. As such, we take the time to get to know each candidate on a personal level, learning about their individual goals and aspirations. Our talent search specialists prepare you for the interviews and help you get your deserving pay. Working with us also has its perks and rewards. Know more about them in Employee Benefits.

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